Inilah Brand Reputasi Ranking untuk Kategori Variety Show Bulan Oktober


Inilah top 20 variety show bulan Oktober:

  1. “Love Call Center”
  2. “How Do You Play?”
  3. “Ask Us Anything”
  4. “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”)
  5. “Balsam School” (literal translation)
  6. “Voice Trot”
  7. “The King of Mask Singer”
  8. “Wife’s Taste”
  9. “My Ugly Duckling”
  10. “The Manager”
  11. “The Sixth Sense”
  12. “Running Man”
  13. “Radio Star”
  14. “Hidden Singer”
  15. “Same Bed, Different Dreams”
  16. “The Return of Superman”
  17. “God of Trot” (literal title)
  18. “Fun-staurant”
  19. “Can’t Be First” (literal title)
  20. “Immortal Songs”

Manakah variety show favorit kalian?

Source : Soompi

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